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4 May 17:00 - 20:30Bergsjön

                          Inclusion through Tech Entrepreneurship

The Gothenburg region is right at the epicentre of Scandinavia, Sweden’s second largest city. 70% of Scandinavia’s total industrial capacity is located within a 500-km radius of the Gothenburg region and 30% of Swedish foreign trade passes through the Port of Gothenburg.

Proud bringing, part of the #gbgtechweek to Bergsjön:

-Bergsjön there are over 140 nationalities represented in the district

- 'Bergsjön' literally translates to 'The Mountain Lake' and is named after the lake with the same name

-Bergsjön, over 80 percent of students in Bergsjön have Swedish as a second language

What is #gbgtechweek?

In order to spread the knowledge and awareness about the living tech and startup community in Gothenburg, #gbgtechWeek take place every year in May. During one week, several diverse and inspiring events is hosted for the public in Gothenburg. The events are open and presented by organizations that are mainly non-profit and exist with the goal to promote entrepreneurship and tech in Gothenburg.

Why is bringing the tech events to the so called segregated parts of Sweden, that are only perceived in media as "No-Go Zones”. We condemn the use of the word and we are taking back the meaning of it. These areas where the word multicultural means exchange of creativity and new energies expressing themselves. We want to express it through Tech Entrepreneurship. is trying to create a platform where people no matter the background, social status, gender, religion can meet and be inspired to cooperate within tech entrepreneurship.

Bringing world class startup founders, innovators, investors and partners to inspire and engage with the local communities. Focusing on finding talent in the suburbs that want to venture into entrepreneurship and tech. Also breaking barriers that will lead to inclusion and diversity in the startup scene in Sweden. 

It started off in Tensta, Stockholm and then Rosengård, Malmö and now to Bergsjön, Göteborg.

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Afra Noubarzadeh
Coding Art

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Anna Urombi
Founder, AddTruly

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Haider Abdo
Founder, Returnado

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Hanna Lindquist
Communications Manager, Trine

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Sofia Appelgren
Founder, MittLiv

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Younes Ahlbom
Manager Software Engineering, Jeppesen

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Lena Apler
Founder, Collector

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Jimale Mohamed
MC of Bergsjön, Founder of Ari.Farm

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